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6 Ecommerce Trends for 2018

On Might 30, Mary Meeker unveiled her extremely anticipated web tendencies report on the annual Code Convention in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The presentation included 294 slides of densely packed info, and supplied a variety of attention-grabbing insights in regards to the path of ecommerce in 2018 and past. On this article, we zoom in […]

Major Cosmetic Procedure Review Site Slashes Staff By 14% Following Google Medic Update

A major cosmetic procedure review brand is trimming its staff by 14% after what the CEO called an “unfavorable” Google algorithm update last year. The Seattle-based company, RealSelf, allows consumers to search and vet cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals for potential procedures. The company recently received a $40-million-dollar influx of investment cash. But according to […]

Retail Algorithms Changing E-commerce Businesses

Before the world of e-commerce retailers had to rely on traditional methods of sourcing information about their customers. Likewise, customers had to manually navigate their research in order to find the best deal. Now, however, things have changed. With the rapid advancement of technology, both retailers and consumer alike have the intel available in order […]

Understanding (and Improving) Ecommerce Bounce Rate in 2019

On daily basis, an ecommerce retailer dies by the hands of a excessive bounce price. As a result of, if shoppers are leaving, they in the end aren’t shopping for. And if shoppers had been shopping for their product, ecommerce shops wouldn’t die. In spite of everything, the entire objective of an ecommerce retailer is […]

eCommerce Blogging, Why Waste Time blogging on my eCommerce Site?

Why work on eCommerce blogging? Oh, I don’t know maybe to build your brand, your audience, expand your search rankings and improve your site’s value. Some have the view that, just because they have an e-commerce website, there’s no need to blog. This assumption that blogging doesn’t impact the sales or user experience on your […]

The marketer’s guide to B2b growth hacking

Though Growth Hacking is a new concept, it has been rocking the business world for some time now. The process combines the merits of experimentation and creativity to pave the path for a company’s growth. Growth hackers eschew big budget marketing techniques and opt for low-cost alternatives. In recent times, growth hacking techniques have proved […]

4 Ways Ecommerce Brands Can Benefit From Content Marketing

When it comes to ecommerce marketing, content truly is king. Thanks to the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry, online customers today enjoy a wider variety of choice than ever before. As a result, people have become a lot more selective about which brands they buy from. To stand out in this crowded environment, it’s […]

Pricing Teardown: Baby & Child Industry

Knowing what pricing strategy your competitors are using is a great way to help plan your own pricing strategy. Granted, you want to try and differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, if you’re just starting out, or struggling to make sales, looking at your competitors is a good way to start. So in this post, […]

Using Pinterest as a Self-Promo Tool

As Pinterest continues to gain followers (it currently has more than 25.3 million unique visitors), it’s become an increasingly valuable marketing tool for designers. The visual nature of the social media site also makes it an ideal platform for showcasing one’s creative capabilities. Interactive professionals, for instance, can post high-quality screenshots of their web, mobile […]