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Major Cosmetic Procedure Review Site Slashes Staff By 14% Following Google Medic Update

A major cosmetic procedure review brand is trimming its staff by 14% after what the CEO called an “unfavorable” Google algorithm update last year. The Seattle-based company, RealSelf, allows consumers to search and vet cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals for potential procedures. The company recently received a $40-million-dollar influx of investment cash. But according to […]

The marketer’s guide to B2b growth hacking

Though Growth Hacking is a new concept, it has been rocking the business world for some time now. The process combines the merits of experimentation and creativity to pave the path for a company’s growth. Growth hackers eschew big budget marketing techniques and opt for low-cost alternatives. In recent times, growth hacking techniques have proved […]

Using Pinterest as a Self-Promo Tool

As Pinterest continues to gain followers (it currently has more than 25.3 million unique visitors), it’s become an increasingly valuable marketing tool for designers. The visual nature of the social media site also makes it an ideal platform for showcasing one’s creative capabilities. Interactive professionals, for instance, can post high-quality screenshots of their web, mobile […]

How to Turn Seasonal Shoppers into Year-round Customers

As consumers seek out gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping lists, the last few months of each year consistently deliver increased traffic and sales for retailers small and large. The latest numbers indicate that November to December revenue was in the ballpark of $122 billion for online retailers in 2018. While stores love to […]

The Argument for Marketing Automation and Related Martech

With out specialised instruments, it’s just about inconceivable for entrepreneurs to make sense of the client and prospect information obtainable to them. This is the reason most B2B organizations undertake advertising automation and associated applied sciences. Earlier than CRMs for instance, many corporations tracked leads and alternatives in spreadsheets. Model management, file bloat and person […]

8 Digital Hacks That Make Your Club Management Easy and Effective

Cloud Services The list would be incomplete if we did not address the issue of cloud services. If you have been observant, you will realize that data is steadily becoming bulk. The convention data storage platforms have proved to be incompetent to handle the needs of clubs. To circumvent this frustration, you are advised to […]

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019 – AdEdge Online Marketing

Here are our top five digital marketing predictions that will perform well over the next year and beyond. As technology and user behavior evolves, we expect that digital marketing will adapt and find more efficient ways of reaching targeted audiences. 1) Mobile: With more and more people using smartphones for everything in their lives, expect […]

Increasing sales prospects is main objective for marketing strategies

Chart of the Week: 64% see increasing leads for their business as being the primary objective for their marketing strategy When it comes to marketing strategy goals, increasing the number of leads or sales prospects is the primary goal for the majority of marketers. According to new research from Ascend2, 45% of marketing influencers believe […]

6 Benefits of Having a Google My Business Listing

With the days of phone books coming to an end, businesses are moving their local marketing efforts online—which is a good thing! Not only does it make your business easier to find, but, with online directories such as Google My Business, you can reach masses of potential customers that would otherwise have to drive by […]