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How to Monetize WordPress Blogs (Self Hosted only)

As bloggers we have various options we can use to monetize our blogs. We can use advertising networks to run ads, and we can also make money without running ads on our blogs. However, making money without an advertisement program is quite difficult and requires hard work. When you use an ad network, making money from your WordPress blogs gets […]

6 Ecommerce Trends for 2018

On Might 30, Mary Meeker unveiled her extremely anticipated web tendencies report on the annual Code Convention in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The presentation included 294 slides of densely packed info, and supplied a variety of attention-grabbing insights in regards to the path of ecommerce in 2018 and past. On this article, we zoom in […]

The Entrepreneur: Rob Gros, Chemical Intelligence Limited

Founder: Rob GrosCompany: Chemical Intelligence LimitedWebsite: in one line: Research and development into antimicrobial technology for use in high volume, disposable, consumable medical devices, such as medical examination gloves.Previous companies: London City Press Limited, Sheetfed Limited, Content Entertainment, PatientPak Limited, Sanitas HealthcareTurnover: $5m per annum Business growth Describe your business model and what makes […]

How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan (20+ Marketing Plan Templates)

Without marketing, most businesses would fail. But many small businesses don’t take the time to create a comprehensive marketing plan. What often ends up happening is these businesses will try different marketing tactics ad hoc, with only minor to moderate success. Or they’ll score a big win by chance but find themselves unable to properly scale […]

Major Cosmetic Procedure Review Site Slashes Staff By 14% Following Google Medic Update

A major cosmetic procedure review brand is trimming its staff by 14% after what the CEO called an “unfavorable” Google algorithm update last year. The Seattle-based company, RealSelf, allows consumers to search and vet cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals for potential procedures. The company recently received a $40-million-dollar influx of investment cash. But according to […]

Propel Your Business into 2019 with Upgrades in Innovative Technologies

If small businesses can see the future benefits of innovative technologies, they will have an edge in their market. Predictive analysis tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning are picking up speed, and fast! It’s safe to say that innovative technologies are more than a fad, they’re here to stay. If you aren’t yet on […]

16 Best Places to Sell Used CDs Online for the Most Cash (& Near You)

There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to buying back your used stuff, specifically used CDs and other media. So I’ve compiled a list of the top places where you can sell your used CD collection right now for the most cash, online and local places near you. Bonavendi is at the top of […]

Retail Algorithms Changing E-commerce Businesses

Before the world of e-commerce retailers had to rely on traditional methods of sourcing information about their customers. Likewise, customers had to manually navigate their research in order to find the best deal. Now, however, things have changed. With the rapid advancement of technology, both retailers and consumer alike have the intel available in order […]

Understanding (and Improving) Ecommerce Bounce Rate in 2019

On daily basis, an ecommerce retailer dies by the hands of a excessive bounce price. As a result of, if shoppers are leaving, they in the end aren’t shopping for. And if shoppers had been shopping for their product, ecommerce shops wouldn’t die. In spite of everything, the entire objective of an ecommerce retailer is […]